Wisdom Wild | Waxing Moon half-lit in Capricorn


Waxing Moon half-lit in Capricorn

08 Oct 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

161008_comp1-2-merge-cut_x385Greetings of waxing Moon half-lit
(exact @ 2133 pdt)


in Capricorn


Follow Nature;  focus on ideals


The first quarter Moon is a time for moving our new Moon ideals into form – even in the face of resistance (ours, others, and/or planetary aspects). In Capricorn, Moon pulls us to organize, create structure, and re-ground discipline (again and again). Given planetary relations at the moment, this is truly the Moon of vigilance.


Various planetary aspects currently test us in our resolve and, despite (or perhaps as a result of) the strong Libra energy about, finding balance could be challenging at times. Fire energy is a bit low so there’s somewhat less energy for goals action/motivation. Cardinal energy is also quite strong so there can be some jumbles/conflict  intentions and the extra emotional energy activated at the moment (Moon conjunct Mars & Pluto & square Jupiter). It’s best to take Capricorn’s long-term view and engage practical, organizational tasks that serve our focussed ideals.


Right now energy is also vacillating quite a bit (Mercury now in Libra) so breathe into flow and stay grounded. Pace yourself and take pauses often, and especially if things start to feel jumbled or just ‘too much’. Clear space to release stuck or blocked energy. Move your body and follow natural ways of Being. Stay focussed on and aligned with ideals of love, peace, harmony and beauty, and find ways to bring these into form – in your words and your deeds. Trust that positive change is occurring inside and out, even if it feels slow and we can’t see the whole as yet. :)


Root ideals together deep into Earth
Feel in and embrace Nature’s rhythms
as you and your seeds unveil new births


Extend your branches and unfurl your leaves
let the winds carry your harmonious hymns
It is time to bring forth all you have conceived.


Honor the flows and make space
Go at your own pace and enjoy the grace.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May heart-made ideals take form as waxing Moonlight streams in your Being.



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Main Image: sea goat: cut & modified from image on Bing | background nebula: modified from wallpapers.