Wisdom Wild | Waxing Moon Half-Lit in Cancer


Waxing Moon Half-Lit in Cancer

03 Apr 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170403_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Greetings of the  Waxing Moon Half-Lit
(exact @ 1139 PDT)

in Cancer


Expand/embody equilibrium


Despite Sun in Aries and waxing Moon, the energy is slow, slow, slow (Retrograde energy: Venus & Jupiter currently; Saturn & Mercury move retro this week). This can at times make for some restlessness, delays and frustration, but the slowing effects of the retrograde energies provide an atmosphere for other opportunity and possibility as well.


Retrogrades afford us time for reflection, remembering, and releasing; and for revisiting, re-examining and gaining clarity about aims, plans, and all facets of our choices in the wholeness of Being. They also activate and thereby direct us to areas that may have been blocked or have yet to fully blossom. Take pleasure in moving slow. Tune to the senses. Become more present in each moment, and more fully embodied with each breath.


Along with the retrograde energy, there’s a mix of energies to be woven into some kind of equilibrium right now, and various Earth-Sky configurations and aspects (current and upcoming) call us strongly to attend to balance. (Fortunately, we have rather more elemental balance at the moment to support us with our breath – 4 planets in Water signs, 3 in Earth, 3 in Fire,1 in Air.)


We are called to focus our action and makings on finding equilibrium within and between mind, body, and heart; and to find a self-caring balance between stillness/rest and action/movement. With Moon in Cancer, we are asked to become more objective about what does and does not provide emotional support; and attend lovingly to how we find and/or create sanctuary.


Time to survey and tune in
to all you have done and would begin


See all that has gone before
and the ways to make things less and more


See all that you would make bright
and all that still needs to come to light


Move slow and attentively
to all that strengthens integrity


Sense all that’s complementary
wildness and peace in sanctuary


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you both Light speed and deep nourishing slowing this Moon







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