Wisdom Wild | Waxing Moon half lit in Aquarius


Waxing Moon half lit in Aquarius

07 Nov 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

161107_comp1-2-merge-crop_x385Greetings of the times…

Waxing Moon Half-lit
(exact @ 1151 pst)

in Aquarius


Pause, Claim, Nourish


It perhaps goes without saying that much has been churning in the collective field ;), and so too within.


1st quarter Moon asks us to pause in the place between extremes, and move whole into our hearts. In Aquarius, we are called to focus on where freedom lives, and tune to a higher frequency of conscious Being.


Feel into the abundance of good things (Moon Trine Jupiter & Venus trine Uranus) and into your empowered Being (Pluto sextile Scorpio).


Draw on helpful, transformative powers coming into play (mostly felt through Mars, Venus and Mercury shifts).


There is energy for recovering from recent stresses, and for spurring social causes (Mars > Aquarius Tues). There is help for building strong foundations for what we want to bring into form (Venus > Capricorn Fri) and for gathering with like-minded for constructive and creative undertakings. And there is a coming sense of buoyancy and breathfulness that can give rise to smiles and laughter (Merc > Sag Sat).


Stand upon all from which you are made
and bring forth all for which you have prayed


In the moment that is between
reflect on all that you have seen and been


Now is the time to fill the sacred urn
with the precious gifts and wisdom you have discerned
Time to pour them into the world as tides now turn


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May your ideas and wisdom and all you Be
flow forth with love & grace this waxing Moon







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