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Waning Moon & Reflections

25 Nov 2013, by Fiona in elemental, moon&sky

Moon & Sky

IMG_131125post=P1100361It is the time of the waning moon.

Now we move into the time after creation/activity-building time. There are still things to do but now the focus is on resting from efforts made; on clearing things away (like one would do in  autumn), and setting things up for everything that has come in or is to come. This is an easing kind of time. Attune to the inner calls to take longer pause; to the calls for gently sorting, ordering or clearing whatever got flurry-scattered in the time up to the full moon.

We have journeyed through  4 weeks in intense, deep, serious Scorpio; 7 weeks w/ Mercury conjoining Saturn, and the earlier eclipse season. Now it is time to reflect on all our way-making, the letting go, the claiming, the creating. Time to gather our learnings and have gratitude for the many gifts received (How perfect for Thanksgiving in the USA)

We have entered into Sagittarius. Out of feminine deep feeling waters into masculine bright light and warm fire.  Such light and warmth is especially welcomed in this time. For me Sag is all about play and fun and it’s time for more of that!  We’ll even have a cosmic sparkler> for the celebration. Comet Ison/Isis will pass closest to us on it’s 10,000 year journey to our Solar System ~ Nov 28th. And Ison is believed to bring both new integration. Woo hoo! Yippee!


Perhaps because of all that has been in recent months and what is now, I feel called to share with you somewhat differently today. Today I want to share with you some reflections on the times in which we are journeying.

Today I  sat with my Cosmic Smashbook (thank you Catt Geller <3) wondering what I may discover, re-discover, re-member. Fears were  exposed today and so myself too was exposed.

Fear-pains and doubts feel like pebbles carried in shoes for many many miles. I dig them out and crack them open. They fall like raindrops rippling outwards in the pond of my being, merging, embraced becoming whole and one with Ocean. I see fear-pain shimmerings  now transforming. Not yet fully formed but in the making of opportunities of a different kind. They are shape-shifting; obstacles and opportunities one and the same, the yin and yang of one another. From feeling broken to being woven.  I can feel the rightness and the whole-making. A rising, unfolding, bloom in the making.


The journey – spiraling movement of letting go, wondering, claiming, creating, reflecting  –  is indeed an exquisite one. And it is more and more apparently a journey rather than destination.  I have found that dreaming into form doesn’t always proceed or manifest like it’s ‘spozed to or how I thought it would. In fact, I’m continually discovering new ways to balance the personal interior with the outer world practicalities with each wave that rises or falls and with each change in the winds. I’ve been learning.  I’ve been surprised.  I’ve been releasing and wondering and choosing and creating again. I see and feel a fractal universe of great wonder and beauty and change. Cycles within cycles; waves within waves; rhythmswithin rhythms. A spiralling dance to the heart drum.  You know this dance don’t you? ;) It’s time to PLAY, LAUGH, DANCE w/ the LIGHT of Sagittarius Fire andSPARKLE w/ Ison/Isis!

Much Love,