Wisdom Wild | Waning Half-lit Moon in Aries


Waning Half-lit Moon in Aries

16 Jul 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170716_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit
(exact @1206 PDT)
in Aries


attend, balance, release,  be inspired


Right now the energies of Fire and Water are dominant (4 planets in fire signs and 4 in water signs) and things are heating up (& Sun & Mars move into Leo next week) with all fire signs in play.


Moon half-lit focusses our attention on balance. That call is reinforced by the elemental Fire-Water dynamic, various celestial arrays (esp certain squares co-occurring tomorrow), and the fact that waning Moon calls us into the feminine while Aries Moon asks us to tune to the role/function of the masculine. Given that Aries calls forth spiritual initiation to an emerging new sense of self, Aries Moon is a actually a sweet portal to entering the feminine deep. A ‘beginning’ fueling sensitivity, creativity and perseverance in thought and action.


Since Earth and Air energies are rather light, things may feel a bit ungrounded, disconnected and a little spacey for a bit (also influenced by Mars SQ Uranus (and trine Chiron) simultaneous w/ Venus SQ Neptune tomorrow). Allow yourself to ‘space’ out and seek new visions. Focus on joy and playfulness and whatever lights you up and feels nourishing. With Fire and Water, look to your passions and what inspires. Seek the spiritual aspects of whatever is in play and attend to ‘good cooking’ connections.


When dark clouds gather let Lightning speak
and burn away what is to be released


Let Waters fall
to cleanse us all


Seek Mother Earth and plant self deep
Feel the blessings of all that’s been reaped


Feel now all with which you connect
All you respect and would protect


Tune into your inner fire
Focus now on all that inspires


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May Spirit and heart-truth
bring rejuvenation and inspiration this waning Moon








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