Wisdom Wild | Waning Half-lit Moon in Scorpio


Waning Half-lit Moon in Scorpio

31 Jan 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky


Greetings of the waning half-lit Moon (exact at 1928) in Scorpio


It seems a lot of us have been working with various energetic challenges of late and the waning half-lit Moon provides us now the opportunity and support for renewing (and perhaps refinding) our sense of balance and flow (especially with Mercury having recently moved direct).


At this time, with Moon in Scorpio, lots of water about, and  many planets in mutable signs (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron), and other alignments (Mercury conjunct Pluto and squaring Uranus), the energies support flow, change and transformation.


Draw on the waters to increase a sense of flow. Draw on mutability to shift and change and realign.  Rest upon warm salty seas and invite buoyancy to support what you wish to transform.


It is time to review,  and synthesize
Time to integrate and realign


Journey with Lizard and Scorpion
and look under every rock and stone
Rise with Eagle and survey all your lands,
and all the work made by your head, heart and hands.


Now pause for a moment …
Feel Earth beneath your feet
and breath deep


Close your eyes …
Imagine cleansing rains and
listen to drops tapping
the ancient knowing within.


Follow the waters
into streams and ponds and seas
Drink in the nourishing of all that flows free.


Move now into the soft dance of the feminine deep,
into the stillness and peace,
and release, release release.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light





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