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Visits and Gifts

19 Dec 2013, by Fiona in turnings

feather & stone8 Days of Solstice Magick: Day 7

During the Solstice  season I visit different ecosystems/habitats in my biome or, as Anatu (an inner me/guide) would say, I visit my “bio-me”.  I actually make visits throughout the year but the kind of attention and intention is different in winter Solstice season. I have mentioned I love water and it is wet places where I spend most of my time. Temperate rainforest, pond-lakes, creek,  or river, and ocean beach are the places I go meet.

There are places I have loved that I no longer visit  for they are now gone or have been otherwise betrayed and it makes my heart hurt too much. The remembering brings tears which I release with much love and great resolve back to the land.

I have favorite places in locations now too distant to visit except in my heart and mind. I remember and feel into them and receive the wonder and love, and send the same back in return.

And here, in this for me 3-years-new place that I live, I have new-found friends and kin I go greet.

I visit small-lake-large-pond and I walk out on a fallen tree.  I remember delighting in the hundreds of tiny frogs chirupping like kokees as they pop-hopped about. I remember moving slowly jewelled by dragonflies.  I remember diving in from this tree and swimming gleefully. I look out and breathe in the now still waters nestled deep in a forest protected and growing strong. I am grateful that here all is well.

I visit salmon creek-river walking over the stones. I remember silver lights of hatchlings heading down stream, and the red-green flashings of adults swimming against current upon their return. And I remember Eagle, Bear and Raccoon feeding from sky, water, and shore. This is a special place of cycles and balance, the circles complete and unending as long as we give care.

On the walk-in, or the walk-out, whichever way calls, I pause at Moss and Fern and wrap arms around Tree, giving thanks for their magicks and how they call out the truth I have inside of me.

On Solstice I of course visit Ocean, my most intimate and long time friend. As I journey today I pause to listen to the roar of waves drumming on shore, and the rattle of pebbles as they withdraw.  I feel waves resonant within me respond to the call.

At each place I spend time. I remember; reflect on companion places around the world; send out love; and call for the greatest possible good. I create a small temporal altar with gifts of kinds that serve the place, and always a bit of holly for protection and luck. I light a candle, give thanks, and pray for the care, understanding, protection, service and celebration of these special friends and kin.

When I depart I may take some small thing that has spoken to me and this then lives on my altar is or carried with me in the coming year. Such human remnants I may find along the way, tossed cup, wrapper or tire, I gather and dispose of more appropriately. Old fish line I pocket to later untangle meditatively. Time now to be home.
. . .
So now you have a tale of a practice and some places special to me and I wonder …What are some places and spaces important to you? Are they outside places like in the story today? Inside places? And how do these places echo inside you? What practices do you have to honor, protect, ‘celebrate’ and give care?   Would love to hear! Please share with me in comments below and, as always Dear Ones,

Nurture your nature