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Sagittarius Full Moon

12 Jun 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

heart-moon-gate2Greeting of Sagittarius Full Moon (exact 2112 pdt)


The energy is full. Gemini Air fans Sagittarius fire and it is not long until Solstice, the Solar cycle high in the Northern Hemisphere.


A lot of energy, a lot of movement, a lot of fullness.


Sagittarius sees the big picture and lends support to this fullness. Our ‘seeds’ are now deeply rooted and shoots have burst forth and extended their reach. Under the light of the Full Moon, soon approaching longest day of solar light in the North, the landscape is fully revealed and provides us with an expansive view of all that has been planted and nourished.


Mercury in retrograde (since June 7) calls us to step back and expand our view even further and, in trine with Neptune (retrograde June 9), gifts us even more awakening.


Energies of the Grand Water trine help us ground our love (Jupiter-Cancer), unlock stuck places (Saturn-Scorpio), release and heal deeply (Chiron-Pisces). Draw in this feminine water wisdom. Surrender. Receive. Express self compassion. Draw on your senses and open to abundance (Venus in Taurus) and call in your passion (Saturn in Scorpio). Feel in to new life flows.


Breathe in the expansive space. Look out on all you have planted. Flow into the rivers the move and sparkle within. Note the marks you have made this cycle and that which you know will live long to come.


It is time now to embrace and gather up all you wish to claim and take forward.
Time now to celebrate all that has been born this cycle, and all the learning that has been gained.
Time to express thanks for what has come and what is to come.


Mark also that this Full Moon is a rare moment. As you know, full moon energy extends for a couple of days either side of exact. This Full Moon reach includes Friday the 13th. (The last time a full moon occurred on Friday the 13th was in March 1998; before that was in June 1919). Thirteen, the number of transformation and change. At 22 degrees; 22 is a master number, peace. And both add to four: strong grounding. Grounded change and transformation.


What rare moment will you create for yourself under this Moon? Imagine…


Stand at night under the Full Sagittarius Moon. Take the form of Archer and raise your bow.
Send an arrow to each of the compass directions – North, East, South, West.


sag-tales_crop_x385Send an arrow of releasing.
Send an arrow of calling
Send an arrow of proclaiming
Send an arrow of compassion
Send an arrow of wishing
Send an arrow of thanksgiving.
Release them all in wonder.


And, as always,
Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light.