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Some Adventure Gratitudes

14 Dec 2014, by Fiona in reflections

141214_purrAngCompCROPX385Here on the road we have had  some adventures. I have only again accessed wifi after several days so, for now,  let’s just say there were times of uncertainty, times of not-knowing, times of wondering, and times of surprise and delight, and cause for much gratitude.


Here is wish to reveal a bit of the adventure story by way of Gratitude.


Thanks for a VW repair shop appearing just a few blocks from the time of smoking engine and pouring red fluids.


Thanks to Gary of Performance Haus for recommending a transmission shop that could get on the work quickly.


P1050438_x385Thanks to AAA and sweet tow-truck driver Ish who tooks us 45′ away to Mission Viejo.


Thanks for the ‘sign’ that greeted us there: Purrrfect Automotive.


Thanks to Michael at Angel’s El Toro transmission and all the guys there.



Thanks to Raoul (of Purrfect) who applied the fading art of burnish welding to repair the coolant pipe – and with whom we sat until 430 am talking on a range of intense topics while eating deep-fried chicken he made on a propane fire at the shop. (pic L-R: me, Raoul, his friends Doug & Lana)



Thanks to John and Vince for repairing the tire.


Thanks to James and Dan from Rescue Squad;


Thanks to many women from Westfalia Adventure Camper Women and several Red Thread and Golden sisters who provided support by way of suggestions, offers of assistance, and just plain being there.


Ah yes, thanks for loving the pause of adventure! :)


Much Love & Light
Fiona & Ramdha