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New Moon+eclipse: Powerful Time

05 Sep 2013, by Fiona in eclipse, moon&sky

Hello Dear Ones!

Just had to send a message out at this POWERFUL TIMEFujii_Eclipse-2

New moon + solar eclipse (May 9). Fertility, growth, beauty. Energy of building and making, new possibilities, passions. A  Taurus solar eclipse does bring up issues of self worth and values; it’s time to examine old systems that no longer serve.  Honor the talents you have. Ground your most precious values at your center. Dig deep in the soil, weed out old patterns, prepare soil for new growth. Plant the seeds of your new desires!

Venus moves into her transmutation phase at this eclipse. This is when we can see what’s missing from the Feminine self and rediscover our inner light and beauty. What new vision of Feminine Spirit can arise and live though you/us?

Let go of who you think you are and allow Spirit to re-shape you/us.
Serve who you are becoming, beyond who you’ve been.

There are new exhilarating energies of heart-centered frequencies encouraging us. Eclipse in Taurus is a call to learn to manifest our soul essence here in physical reality. Embrace the ongoing practice letting go of older, denser ways of thinking and acting; and trusting Spirit and our hearts.  Drop what does not resonate with the new frequency. Clarify what you truly value, love and has worth.  Reset intention, orientation and focus. When the heart is unequivocal, energies align to provide beyond our imaginings, and help us to let go of what stands in the way. Now, is a powerful time!


Must love,