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New Moon

08 Jul 2013, by Fiona in elemental, moon&sky

Hello Dear Ones!

It’s new moon and wondrous time! This is a great day to revisit and renegotiate your intentions based on your observations of the past week or so. If you have come across some negative self-talk or disappointment, forgive them with the intention of expanding your own self love to a new level.

This is also a time when acceptance of whatever is occurring in your life is helpful. Ask spirit for some magic on this day as a sign of being on the right track.

Just so you know, Saturn just went direct yesterday so plans and projects will soon take on speed after all the soul-searching, experiences and lessons we have gathered over the last few months. Be welcoming and be open to change (radical change ;)).

Remember it’s a watery month especially with the alignment of three major planets in the three water signs: expansive & enthusiastic Jupiter; focused, depth-seeking Saturn; uplifting, boundary blurring Neptune. The  Water Grand Trine that puts them in a relationship of support and cooperation; embracing, listening.  The Feminine will become full and expressive embodying her powerful gifts without restraints.

This watery month – Cancer, the Scarab – is a most inviting portal. Put all that watery energy to good use adapting and going with the flow.

There is  your heart beat.  There is your breath filling your belly slowly drifting out in a satisfied sigh. There is life. The message is to Be!

Now Nurture Your Nature and live WisdomWild
Much love & moonrise