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Moon Full & more

05 Mar 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky


Greetings of the Moon FULL in Virgo
(exact at 1005h pst)


The energies are high. Can you feel it? A coming together of forces. Sometimes a clashing, a gnashing, but also a breaking through and a rising. Do you sense it?


As I began this day I felt pushed and pressured to release a message to you at full Moon exact. I skated through the galaxy and dove like Dolphin and Otter up and down in starry skies and around bright Sun and Moon. Shifting, shifting, each moment changing worlds, impressions, choices, feelings, thoughts. Breathe.


An image began to form… but then my graphics program would not participate. Refused again and again to work with the images I wanted to assemble. I persisted, tested, rebooted, and tested again. No go. Let go. Move on…. I captured a wafting, dandelion-seed-like, earth-sky reflection moment and headed to release… but email would not send. Hung there. Persist, reboot, try again. No go. Okay, I hear ya. Time to pause.


Ah, the gift and the grace of pause. Something to always remember and especially now and in the coming weeks.


Earth & Sky


Energies are high. A great concert of planetary influences is dancing in the skies. Full Moon shines bright and also deepens the dark of shadow. Light and dark, each a portal to knowing, inside and out. A call to balance.


This Moon and time is about endings and beginnings.


It is a time of transitions and betweens. A time to weave together seeming oppositions: endings and beginnings; light and dark; head and heart; dreams (Pisces) and reality (Virgo); anger (Mars influence) and compassion (Venus); holding on and letting go; stepping in and stepping out; taking a stand and standing back; gentleness and fierceness, both of love.


I invite you to move into the spaces between. Into the space between past and future; into the spaces between seeming oppositions. Seek now the threads of weaving. See now the seeds of connection and joining.


Breathe in. Release. Breathe in and out again. Take in, let go. Feel your roots deep in the Earth dark and your crown heavenly radiant. Breathe in the Heart Truth of you. Honor and celebrate all that you have navigated and all the gifts you have gathered and shared. Held and released, again and again, blessing-full treasures moving through you.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light
** I want to wrap my arms around you all in a gentle and fierce loving hug! Since I cannot directly, please give yourself a hug!


[IMAGE NOTES: All Composites are by WisdomWild using WisdomWild work unless otherwise noted. This image composite includes Earth goddess photo by Atlanta Botanical Garden. Silhouette was drawn from a photo of Fiona taken by Kate Hubbard]

  • Beautiful post Fiona….thank you.
    Love from across the seas…..Jacqueline x