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Moon Full in Taurus

14 Nov 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

161114_comp2-merge-crop_x385Welcome Moon-Full
(exact @ 0552 pst)

in Taurus


Ground embodied presence


Moon-full is the closest she has been to us since 1948. Tides will be extreme, high and low.
This is a really good time for feeling into the filling and into the releasing.
Breathe and move with the tides, in tune with the slow and long sound-beats of the great Mother drum.


Moon in Taurus calls us to all that helps us ground: being fully in-body/embodied; rooting deeply; connecting to nature; attending to practical matters; keeping things simple; attuning to sense-reality and common sense. As Taurus ruler, Venus also invites us into beauty and into remembering all that is to be appreciated.


With all that has been illuminated under the Moon waxing to full, it is a time to more deeply connect with all that we appreciate. Recent planetary shifts provide support in various ways. The feminine is empowered (Sun & Moon in fixed, feminine, complementary signs) and adds more to the stabilizing energy of Moon alone. There is an emerging curiosity and an expanded openness to new directions (Merc now in Sag as of Nov12). We are supported (and challenged) to step into more of who we are (Jupiter T-square Pluto & Uranus through next year). Energy is now brought forth that moves past old norms, emphasizes self-governance and personal sovereignty, and creates more possibilities for a more people and earth-friendly ways of being (Venus now in Cap as of Nov11). Powers to dissolve negative qualities comes into the fore next week (Neptune > direct Nov 19). Over the next weeks there are increased possibilities for creative breakthroughs aligned with higher purpose (Mars > Aqua as of Nov8, just hours after election).


It is a time to be fully present, in body, wholly here. Time for renewed faith. Time to keep on keepin’ on nurturing and nourishing a peaceful, just and sustainable world.


Review what’s newly revealed in Moonfull light
and see now more clearly than ever before
the shadows to be faced with all of your might
and all that is most precious held at your core
your birthrights now to expansively ignite


From Earth and Water draw both calm and passion
Elevate all action you can imagine


Honor the truth, love and light held strong in your heart
Feel the power and beauty of all of your arts


Engage with your authentic self creatively
and embody your sovereignty exquisitely


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May you deeply appreciate all you value, all you do, and all you Be
with the fullness of this Moon





IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Golden Taurus: artist unknown | Earth Image: from Russian weather satellite | Star sky from Princeton U |