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Moon Full In Taurus

03 Nov 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

171103_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Greetings of Moon Full (exact @2223 PDT) in Taurus


Matter & Essence
Nourish senses
Honor the Mystery


Mmm, yum … A powerful portal. Some beautiful alignments provide for a host of wondrous things: further illumination of our connections to ourselves and to Spirit(1); expanded perspectives (2) ; more easeful releasing, shadow work and healing power (3); and renewed sparks of inspiration and enthusiasm (4).


It is an illuminating, deepening, grounding, and nourishing time.


Taurus Moon brings a stabilizing, calming influence to the intensity of Scorpio Sun. She calls us into our earthy senses, into beauty, love and pleasure; and reminds us to enjoy fullness of each moment. This is a time to revel in each step upon Earth while connecting to the Mystery and that which is larger than ourselves.


Together, Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun evoke creation magick. There’s is a sacred alchemy stirring together simplicity and complexity; the material and the mystical; deep feeling and spiritual desire. Sensitivity is heightened and all things in the Light, and in the feminine dark, are magnified (5). Root deep in Earth and flow in grace with the Waters. Draw on the body wisdom inherent in both Taurus and Scorpio.


Under full Moon bright
sense into Earth’s delights


Open to sensual pleasures
of Earth, Air, Fire, and the Waters


Root, stem, leaf, bud and full flower
All now have expressed their power


The material and ethereal now together dance
Spirits whisper through the veil, a life-affirming resonance


Grounded, claimed and sacredly released
enter into the embrace of peace


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you both root and flow, and may the whole radiant you
be embodied and ensouled this Moon





1 Saturn square Chiron – ending year-long challenge)
2 Venus opp Uranus & Sun trine Neptune
3 esp w/ cross quarter + Jupiter-Scorpio
4 Saturn trine Uranus & Sun conjunct Jupiter).
5 Moon, Sun & Jupiter).








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