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Moon Full in Pisces

05 Sep 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170906_COMP3-merge-CROP_x385Greeting Moon Full (exact 170906 @0003 PDT) in Pisces


purify, anchor, dream,
sacred connection


This is a dreamy, healing Moon, tuned to our connection with ourselves and the collective oneness.


Moon in Pisces invites us into the soothing, cleansing, healing realm of our inner knowing. Sun in Virgo focusses attention on distillation, release and purification. Together they call us to attend to our connection to the sacred and the natural cycles of Life; and into reflection about belonging to ourselves.


Sensitivity, empathy, compassion and creativity is heightened; and the boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious tended to blurred at this time (Moon con Neptune). This is definitely a time to feel in and flow; a time to open to the unfolding.


Elemental energy is more balanced now and, though Fire is still somewhat dominant at the moment, movement is toward more Earth energy (Mars > Virgo yesterday a.m.; Mercury on Saturday) which will support our grounding and anchoring practices. Ideas and communication move more smoothly (Mercury >direct this eve) and there is more uplifting energy and ease in stepping into new versions of our personal Beingness.


Listen to the whispers of your inner voice and your heart-truth. Open to your dreams. Attend to images, symbols and synchronicities. Be guided by simplicity and step into gentle, nurturing, grace.


Flow into the ocean of the your inner wisdom
Connect with you and All in the sacred kin-dom


Welcome any surges of emotion
the signs of devotion you have woven


Let the seas wash away any debris
Enter into the freedom to just Be


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you luxuriate in the oceanic wonder of inner knowing
and sacred connection this Moon








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