Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Pisces + Eclipse


Moon Full in Pisces + Eclipse

16 Sep 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160916_comp1-2-merge-crop_x385Welcome Moon Full  (exact @ 1250 pdt)
+ Eclipse in Pisces


Anchor, release, celebrate


Moon-full and lunar Eclipse in Pisces call us to embrace, and immerse in the feminine waters. This is a time to be nourished by emotion and Spirit, by creativity, and by intangible essences. Time to yield to the waves and embrace ebbs and flows. Time to let hard edges be softened by the tides, and to dissolve all that separates us from living our whole and radiant selves.


There is a lot of shifting energy swirling about (7 planets in mutable signs + eclipse + various Mars aspects). The eclipse (0954-1354 max @ 1154 pdt) and Moon-full amplify the experience, and make more apparent whatever themes have been weaving through our lives. This is a time for anchoring the truth, joy, and insights brought into the Light – and especially those concerning healing, letting go, personal power, and freedom.


Various other configurations in the skies (those involving Mars, Chiron & Uranus particularly significant) provide additional opportunities and supports. Energy is present for deep healing (Mars in Sag; Chiron in Pisces aligned w/ Moon). There is support for stepping into an expanded sense of freedom, released from duality and what does not serve (Mars trine Uranus on Sat). The powers of strength and courage enable us to stay strong, hold the big picture, and take advantage of unique opportunities along the way (Sun conjunct Jupiter to Oct10). Add to all this the relative balance among the elements right now (3 planets in each of Earth, Water and Fire + 2 in Air (Venus & Jupiter both in Libra)) and we have a context in which to enjoy the abundance and deep Earth-root connection that nourishes us and holds our ground.


Step into the fullness of bright Moon light
and open to all that is revealed to your sight
in the out-world and within


Sense into the stirrings of your heart and Soul
Now root your joy and truth and let the rest go
to dissolve and to heal


Embrace the wisdom of sacred Waters and drink deep
Now is the time to trust the All in your keep
and honor all that you’ve reaped.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you joy-fullness, whole and unfettered, and deep peace
in the ebbs and flows this Moon






IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Gold salmon: adapted and modified from a tattoo found at DeviantArt | Salmon in stream: from Full Spectrum Biology