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Moon Full in Libra

10 Apr 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170410_COMP2-merge_x385Greetings of Moon Full
(exact @ 2308 PDT)
in Libra


Center, release, ground;
slow, gentle balance tend.


I’m sure you’ve been feeling it, all the retrograde energy slowing things down. For many this can at times be a bit frustrating; still, it’s the energy of the times and things move with more ease if you breathe and go with the flow. Allow slow and feel the grace of the space and possibilities that open in such times.


There are a number of configurations (e.g., T-squares and cardinal grand cross) that present various challenges as well. Overall, moving within/doing inner work is strongly favored. Together with the retrograde energy, the call is for patience, self-reflection, and self-remembering.


As always Moon-full makes things feel more intense, but she also shines the light on what needs to be seen and reviewed. In Libra the focus is on fairness and balance – most particularly between self and others; between the ideals we hold for ourselves and for others/Earth; and between the old and the new. The journey is one of forging new ways, aligned with heart and Spirit, to tear down and release what no longer serves; and evolve new structures and new principles.


Time now to see ever more clearly what it is you value, and strengthen supports which empower and embody these truths. Time to ground deeply, release attachments, and tend Spirt/heart center. Enjoy going slow and the space it affords. Focus on and nourish all that is positive, beautiful, creative and inspirational.


By Moon-full bright now clearly see
all that has evolved and come to be


Beauty, peace and calls for change
Move slow and see how all is arranged


Let emotions come and go
Tend heart and Spirit and let All flow


Move above and so below
embrace all in the cosmic rainbow


In the skies and on the Earth
re-member now all that is of worth
honor you and your Spirit birth


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May life be soft, gentle and sacred presence-full this Moon


IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: goddess: cut & modified from painting by Vermeer found on Wikipedia | Scales: cut & modified from image found on eBay | doves: from a card (source unknown)

  • Cathy White Reply

    Thank you Fiona for your wisdom words! I love your poems!