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Moon Full in Aries

15 Oct 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

161015_comp1-merge-crop_x385Welcome Moon Full
(exact at 2123pdt)
in Aries

reveal, honor, nourish


Here we’ve had storm warnings beginning mid-week. A series of escalating storms have been coming through the region these past days and are projected to peak tonight.


The rain has pounded on the roof, the deck, the roads. Wind has thrashed through the area,  at times erratic, at times bold. It has shaken the house, batted down trees, uprooted plants in pots. The rain pours down with a passion, coating the windows in sheets and blurring the views like tears do. Pools appear and, in their making, point to the places where leaves have blocked releasing points and must again be freed. In brief breaks, a ribbon of light appears on the horizon under black whirling clouds. Again the wind roars, the rain drums, and we begin again.


*Coincidentally – or maybe not – my computer crashed midweek; on reboot it performed very slowly and erratically. Today it turned itself off  7 times (so far) for no apparent reason. Work was lost each time. Time and time again re-collecting, re-creating, re-working. Communications-challenged indeed (Merc square Mars and opposing Moon). I wonder and wander through it all…


The dance of water and wind experienced these past days seems a literal play of the Earth-Sky energies of the times. Passions are high and volatile this superMoon-full in fiery Aries. Things are stirring though we may not know what change may arise from the ‘storm.’ What might be uncovered? What will have been torn up? What needs to be uncovered and transformed? What choices will we make?


Yes, this Moon time is potent and intense. Look to superMoon-full to seek what is revealed in the light and hidden in the dark shadows cast by the brightness. Sense into the fire of Aries to access and fuel your passions. Draw on earthy Capricorn energy (Mars & Pluto) to keep cool and make a plan. Tune to Uranus for help to break free of whatever binds or burdens. Focus on what is creative, and what can be awakened and liberated, in you and in the world. Take action – even if that means building a fire, lighting the candles, and nourishing peace within. Mmmm… I think that may be my plan for this eve….


Super Moon is full and bright
Take pause in the moment and look into the Light


Find all that was hidden is now revealed
at this turning of the great Wheel


In the darkness made deep
let your eyes gently attune
to the heart-ache and to the wounds
and all that has made you weep.


Watch now as each heals and transforms
becoming the radiant children of a world new born
The burdens you have held deep within your heart
now the treasures you have re-birthed with your art


Whole, bold, strong and true
Now is time to honor you.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Sending much gratitude to you for all you are and all you do




IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Ram: cut from image found 2013 Huffington post| falcon: cut & modified from wallpapers | background nebula: modified from wallpapers.