Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Aquarius (to Pisces soon)


Moon Full in Aquarius (to Pisces soon)

18 Aug 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160817_COMP2-merge-CROP_x385Greetings of Moon Full
(exact @0227)
in Aquarius
soon moving into Pisces (@0934)

Pour forth; flow in


This Moon full feels powerful and magical. Leo Sun is all about creative self-expression and personal radiance. Aquarius is also about individuality and independence but is more focussed on truth and wisdom poured out for the benefit of all. Right now there is a complementary melding of these forces. Each unique expression of Spirit poured forth for All. The personal and the universe-all in awakened joint service. The Source of each and All poured out for each and All, taken up again, poured forth again. Wow!


A ‘sort of eclipse’ (there’s some debate about whether or not this penumbral eclipse qualifies as a ‘real’ eclipse) co-occurring with the full Moon, is a prelude to the two eclipses upcoming in September. It can be seen as a ripple in the veils which invites us to expand our visions. Draw on the full Moonlight to illuminate and more closely examine intentions, and to reveal what is unique and important within you that is seeking further expression.


We can expect to be breaking away from usual patterns this week and we are dared to be seen in our most heart-true, radiant colors. New insights, intuitive sparks, sharpened perception, and freer way-making can be anticipated (Uranus position supportive of Sun & Moon). We are supported in grounding and maintaining a solid center (Fixed sign Aquarius + more Earth energy following with Sun and lastQ Moon in Earth signs); and in being in flow with feeling and feminine ‘powers’ (ongoing water trine + Moon moving to Pisces)


Overall, we are in midst of visionary energy, freedom, and a host of new possibilities. It is all part of the fullness of this Moon along with other supportive planetary energies. Now is the time to immerse in the fullness and receive the strength, wisdom, and creativity pouring in. Time to look within to honor and celebrate the gifts of the cycle, both given and received. Time to focus on inner wisdom and make way for more quiet time with you and you.


Feel into the fullness of this Moon
and the subtle rippling of the inter-dimensional veil brushing by
like a soft breeze lightly shifting sands on the dunes
heralding new things coming to us soon


See in the weaving of Fire and Air
your passion and wisdom expressed
in all that you’ve bared and all that you’ve dared
to honor your heart-truth and all for which you care


Listen to the sounds of the soul of your heart and the heart of your soul
the golden music of your Earth-born and Cosmos-seeded dance
the songs you have written into each of your goals
you and All, past, present and future, a continuous whole


It is time to breathe deeply in and celebrate
time to presence the fullness within
and let it pour out and be filled again
you and the universe, one as always, a natural state



Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May you feel the fullness of your unique, free and wild Spirit
and all the gifts given and received this Moon




IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Sculpture: Sculpture: cut & modified from image at IronGatege.ca | Fish Cut & modified from image found on Bing. Artist unknown.