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Moon Full in Aquarius

07 Aug 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170807_COMP2-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Full (exact @1111 PDT) in Aquarius

harmonize, integrate, reform


& partial lunar eclipse (exact @1122 PDT)

release, reset, receive


At 1111 pdt Moon will reach hir fullness; 11 minutes later a partial eclipse occurs. By the numbers, we are called to pay attention — and connect with Spirit/Divine realms.


Among other things, ‘1′ is about independence, creativity, confidence and individuation (which reflects Aquarius and Leo energies as well). The energy of 1 expands whatever we focus on, and manifests thoughts and desires at turbo speed (Aqua-Air & Leo-Fire together is also about fast action and getting thing done). This serves as a reminder to polish and refine thoughts, and to stay positive. 11 brings focus to harmony, cooperation, diplomacy and Love (more resonance with Aqua & Leo); and increasing sensitivity, creativity and healing. 11:11 brings the message of oneness, balance and unity. It’s time for expanding our heart-space to receive Love, Light and Life blessings; and time to focus on our highest, brightest purpose.


Aquarius Moon provides energy for reform and innovation. Moon-full both illuminates the landscape and deepens shadow, and is made more potent with the eclipse. The eclipse calls us to examine the play of light and shadow; to clear, empty and release old stories and patterns (retrograde planets also draw our attention to the past for healing); and open to receive and embody new light and new insights.


Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon together highlight and reinforce the need to harmonize and integrate polarities: light/dark; masculine/feminine; self/collective; personal/universal. With all the Earth-Cosmos energies about, the potential for relieving tensions, and realizing harmony, freedom and radiant self-love, is really really magnified (and we still have another eclipse to come! ;))


Okay, yes, there’s a lot of intensity here so remember, stay thoughts-positive! We have continued support for grounding (asteroids Vesta, Juno & Pallas Athena still in grand Earth trine) and for emotional soothing and healing (Venus in Cancer and Chiron, wounded healer, retrograde in Pisces). Face the inner critic with Leo’s courage and Aquarius’ objectivity. Draw on Lion (Leo) and Otter (Aquarius animal totem) to bring play and humour to bear. Breathe deep. Spend time barefoot on the Earth. Immerse yourself in living water or salted bath. And if things get ‘hot’ (or even if not), turn up the volume and dance, dance, dance.


In the grace-filled shadows dance and play
with what is to go and what will stay


Light and dark, masculine and feminine
Feel in to all their healing medicines


Embrace sensitivity, enhance receptivity
Immerse in radiant Love and creativity


Envision abundance, peace, beauty and unity
Nourish personal and universal harmony


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the radiant fullness of Love, Light, and harmony this Moon







IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: face: cut & modified from garden sculpture photo by Takao | sky background: on YouTube by Kai Parvianen