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Moon Full Eclipse in Leo

31 Jan 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

180131_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Super Blue Blood Moon (exact @0520 PST) Eclipse in Leo


— open, release, play, roar


Moon in Leo is an invitation to love, play, shine, roar, and, in essence, to feed our inner Fire. Moon and Sun together call us to connect to radiant self-love (Leo) and free-spirited innovation (Aquarius). Both inspire movement and fast action on insights and ideas.


The eclipse also carries the energy of fast action as Moon passes through all hir phases, from Full to Full again, in just a few hours. The eclipse calls us to clear out old patterns and beliefs; and release whatever no longer uplifts us so that the way is cleared for the new and the brilliant.


In Leo, and with Aquarius clarity, we are guided to look at anything that dampens our Fire, inhibits our confidence, or otherwise veils our radiance. Our attention is directed particularly to whatever in us is most in need of Love. Yes, everything is ramped up and magnified with super Moon, blue Moon, and eclipse.


At Moon Full ocean tides run at high and low extremes (even more so with a ‘super’ Moon) and so too can the seas of our emotions. This is a potent time for deep clearing and healing (supported by Ceres/mother and Minchir healing energies). It is a powerful time to break free and courageously step into greater self-love and creative self-expression. A time for choosing, fueling, liberating and celebrating our truth and power-full wholeness.


With courage look into your heart
Strip away all that veils your art


Shed the blood of old
Time now to be bold


Gaze into your Lion eyes and see your power
Feel the radiant you deeply re-empowered


Time to roar, time to soar
Time to express all you adore


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you courageous releasing, radiant self-love,
and playful creating this Moon













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  • Thank you for sharing this is something I didn’t know.but I’m learning and growing everyday.BLESSINGS and LOVE