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Moon Dark-New in Virgo

19 Sep 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170919_COMP1-merge-CROP2_x385Greetings of  the Moon Dark-New  (exact @2230 PDT) in Virgo


deep healing,
practical action


This Moon dark-new is the new Moon of the Equinox, and the first new Moon since the solar eclipse. She initiates the second Phoenix month in a row and ushers in more opportunities for elevating awareness, deep healing, renewal and rebirth. There’s lots of ‘grist for the mill’ for healing (Sun opposite Chiron brings up latent fears/wounds and opens us to greater focus on and commitment to healing and wholeness) and for expanding intuition and deepening our connection to the bigger picture (Mercury Opposite Neptune effect makes things a bit blurry/dreamy for next few days).


With all the Earth energy, and most in Virgo (6 planets in Earth signs; 5 of them in Virgo including Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars & Venus) it is a potent time for deeply Earthing ourselves, our truth, our visions, and our intentions. We are entering a quieter time where analytic and practical tasks are easier to engage, and ‘sense’ and order can re-emerge. Various pieces of the puzzle are easier to discern and wholeness comes more clearly into view.


Given both the abundance of grounding, healing Earth energy; other earth-sky happenings; and Equinox just a few days away, it is a good time to examine and release old stories that have caused us harm or have otherwise hidden our radiant selves. Time to soften and beautify. Time to apply new loving devotion to healing hearts and refining minds. Time for deep self-compassion and nourishing self-care. Time to prepare for the change of seasons. Time to move forward renewed and refreshed, and bring new visions into Being.

Moon is new and the season is about to turn
Time to review what has been and for what you yearn


Under the stories that have been layered deep
is the essence of you always in your keep


Shed the sorrow, loss, pain and fears
empty yourself of all your tears


Strip away what was never needed
Time to re-emerge unimpeded


Reveal the radiance that has been concealed
Time to step into a bright new quantum field


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



Wishing you deep healing, expanded insight, and radiant re-birth this Moon







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