Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Taurus


Moon Dark-New in Taurus

06 May 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160506_COMP1_x800-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact at 1229 pdt) in Taurus
     Embody and express the Earthly realm


This new cycle is guided by Taurus and Venus (ruler of Taurus and next to Moon at this time). Taurus is about simple physical pleasures: movement, good food, and time in nature, and about our own sense of self-worth. Venus is about love, beauty and fertility, and about the ways we embrace and express her offerings. We are invited to bring our focus is to these Taurus/Venus gifts this Moon.


The Moon, supported by Venus and a Grand Earth Trine (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in Taurus with Jupiter in Virgo & Pluto in Capricorn) carries themes of grounding, stability, love, abundance, nurturance, and home and self caring.


Retrograde energies (still 5 planets retrograde) continue to draw us inward to review, renew and deeply reconnect with our inner resources. Moon dark-new welcomes this support for inner orientation/re-orientation.


Taurus wants us to engage deeply with our senses; to secure peace and inner contentment; to anchor and move desires , wishes, dreams and divine, heart-truth, into the physical realm. We are invited to look to our beliefs about ourselves, our gifts, and our inner resources and bring them forth.


With six planets now in Earth signs (four in Taurus) along with the Grand Earth Trine, there is a great flow of energy on the physical plane and many channels for creative expression. We have the opportunity to connect with Earth abundance with great ease. This may be one of the sweetest new Moons of the year.


Enter the stillness and shed your skin
It is time to realign with Self and Spirit kin


Look into the soils of your Being
for the forms that call to come forth
Receive the seeds that are singing
your unique embodied great worth


Plant them now and tend to them
with love and patience and compassion
Be birthed afresh in
the power of body and dear sweet Earth


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Personal message: Feather the Air


160506_P1010052-ED_x300This day we are again without planets in Air signs so…


Let’s take ourselves lightly this Moon.

Let’s remember to breathe slow- deep with attention and often.

Let us take to the air like Eagle flying high to see the broad view.

Let us be like Wren and see what is close to Earth hidden behind stone and shrub.

Let us gather life forces from beauty and flowers like Honey Bee.

Let us realign with our born-full state under this Taurus Moon.



May you embody Earthly contentment in abundance!
and ….

Happy Mothers day to Moms and to all nurturing spirits!


IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
‘Taurus’: Cut & modified img of Highland cow found on Pinterest; orig source uknown
*Feather painting: Fiona 2013