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Moon Dark-New in Scorpio

11 Nov 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

151111_COMP4-2-merge-CROP_x385Deep delve into
Moon Dark-New
(exact @ 0947 pst)

in Scorpio
and Sun & Mercury too

Shape-shift, transform, renew


As always, the dark-new Moon is a time to release, shift, and seed new energies. In Scorpio the journey is deep and dense. With Sun and Mercury also in Scorpio, and this being an 11-11 portal day, shiftings and new beginnings are multiplied and magnified. With much else energized for illumination and transformation, this is a deeply self-empowering time. It is a deeply feeling Moon as intense as a full though just new.


Scorpio embodies the transformation cycle of death and rebirth. Under the Scorpio Moon dark-new, we are called to shed what does not serve and to rise again anew. The Scorpio Sun, ruler of Spirit-aligned healing, shines healing light into the deepest dark. Mercury in Scorpio (and conjunct Sun & Moon) awakens all-seeing eyes moving deep into the layers of Being, revealing patterns ready for shift. Pluto (in Cap and sextile Sun-Moon-Mercury) supports deep diving into what is to be laid to rest. Healing Chiron trines Moon and Mercury expanding our wholistic understanding.


Breathe into your freedom, your passion and intensity. Thrive on the healing soul food they bring.


It is time to honor your needs. Time to allow the natural process of letting go. Time to trust your deepest instincts and intuitions. Draw on the medicine of all the forms of Scorpio: Scorpion, Lizard/Serpent and Eagle/Phoenix.


Set scorpion alert and ready to engage all dark things
Turn regenerative Lizard deep within and shed your skin


Release your stardust above, below, north, east, south and west and
Evoke the alchemy of the Earth-Cosmos nest


Now receive all a new world may bring
out of the mystery and your lucid dreaming


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May your journeys be deep and empowering, and
may you emerge newly wild,
exalted in freedom, peace and heart-filled grace


And on this day


In the service of peace and freedom,
we remember


May peace and freedom reign
in all hearts, minds and practices,
deepened and re-birthed,
in all beings great and small,
all ways, always

IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Lizard: image cut and modified from image on Bing; photographer unknown | Tuscan poppies found on paradox.com