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Moon Dark-New in Scorpio

30 Oct 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

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Moon Dark-New
(exact @ 1058 pdt)

in Scorpio


presence, power, new forms


We are moving in deep, emotionally intense times (Sun-Moon-Merc, all in Scorpio + Neptune in Pisces & Chiron too) and increased sensitivity (Moon conjunct Mercury) .


Such energetic flows ripple through, and also fuel, a challenging dance underway as old oppositions seek to hold on, and new ways rise up to birth through (recent Mars-Uranus square + Mars & Pluto both in Cap, the sign of our cultural collective. Mars preserving what may still be useful; Pluto striking down rotten and dangerous structures.)


The powers are immense for transformational healing, transmutation and new creation.


Moon has called us to clear, cleanse, and release, release, release (ref last weeks message). Dark-new in Scorpio she calls us into our magick, powerfully present and aware. It is time to wrestle with the Serpent and mistress her powers to shed what must be released, and transform what passes away in ways that invite new forms to emerge.


It is time also to bring into laser focus, the dreams, visions, values and ideals we seek to be expressed in form. Lean into enhanced imagination, intuition, and open flowing connection to natural rhythms and Source/Spirit (Sun-Moon-Mercury trine Neptune) . Step into the thinning veils (Hallow’s Eve, All Soul’s Day, upcoming crossQuarter) and listen for wisdom held by all those that have gone before. Choose now the sacred seeds to plant and nourish under Moon’s waxing Light.


Let feelings flow and let them go
to deep waters clear and clean
and into the healing places of between


Let peace and calm rise within
and focus on your most sacred gems


Holding these great dreams, visions and ideals
Bring forth faith and courage to make them real


Give Spirit room to break old norms
Begin now to birth your most grace-filled forms


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May you be transformed by deep waters and
rise with newly empowered Presence
this Moon Dark-new




IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Statue: cut & modified from photo of bronze sculpture by John Muir | Scorpion: couldn’t find my Scorpion pumpkin so this modified from carving by Mke at Deviant Art | black Pumpkin: painted pumpkin found on HomeDit |