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Moon Dark-New in Sagittarius

11 Dec 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

151211_COMP1-merge-crop_x385Greetings of New Moon (exact at 0229h) in Sagittarius


It is the beginning of the 13th and last new Moon cycle of the year (coming into full light on Christmas day). Celebrations of Light are core to many traditions at this time of year. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the darkness provides the gift of being within. Still, I look forward to welcoming Solstice and the days of increasing Light. ;)


Sun and Moon together in Sagittarius add light and warmth to the cycle. Sag is filled with optimism, boundless faith, strong philosophic leanings, and playfulness too. Sun in Sag call us to attend to our vision for a better world. Invite the fire to inspire and guide your vision, emerging in form with the waxing Moon.


There are a number of other patterns (squares, trine, oppositions) in the skies these days as well. They are variously both supportive and challenging. The challenge is the continuing push to let go of the past, of separation, and of limited thinking. A great invitation to look to the new! ;)


A mutable grand cross (involving Jupiter, Sun/Moon, and Chiron) supports us in releasing, healing, and making changes and space for the new. Other patterns activate breakthrough, transformation, spiritual wisdom, ease, flow and harmony.  Draw and focus the powers of these activations into your intentions and ways of Being this cycle.


Sit by the fire of your heart
and in the glow, sense in
to what Spirit longs to seed and grow


Draw out the sparks of your intuition
and the whirling mandalas of your intentions
choosing carefully from deep reflection.


Gather these now all together in
a magical, medicine bundle
sacredly made, special and humble


Now set bundle to arrow
and arrow to bow,
take aim and let fly!


See the dreams and the wishes
bursting forth bright in the skies
showering brilliant seeds upon Earth

rooting nurture, caring, compassion,
peace, love, freedom and faith,
deep into the calling for
enlightened, new world rebirth

Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


Image Notes:
Figure: cut & modified from Burning Man photo ByTreyRatcliff  | Reindeer: modified clipArt  | WillowFireworks: Pinterest, unknown source | Earth: “Europe at night” image from Universe Odyssey YouTube