Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Pisces + Eclipse


Moon Dark-New in Pisces + Eclipse

26 Feb 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170226_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Time of Moon Dark-New
(exact @ 0658 pst)

in Pisces

& Solar Eclipse too
(max @ 0658 pst)


Release, resolve, act


Moon dark and solar eclipse. Beginnings and endings. Water and Fire abound (5 planets (+south node & Pallas) & eclipse all conjunct & in Pisces; 4 planets in fire, 3 in Aries including Mars). Sensitivity, intuition and creativity is increased (watery Pisces); and there is a push to cut-away the old and start anew (fire energy + eclipse + ongoing cardinal grand cross). Conditions magnify experience.


There is a much empowered opportunity now to integrate and unify opposites/apparent oppositions. With all the Piscean energy, there is great pull into the personal and collective unconscious; to root out and let go what does not serve; and to see, do and Be in new ways.


That said, with the current energies (and the eclipse effect continues for 3-6mos) we may find ourselves variously in dreamy or foggy states. As such, boundaries will be important to declare and maintain. Most importantly right now is to make time for conscious, mindful breath, and deep earthing (only 1 planet in each of air and earth right now). Attend to body, home, and self-care. Trust in your inner wisdom, heart-truth and Spirit. Empower your inner warrior to nourish self and soul before anything else.


In and out of dream and fog
take the time to catalogue
all that is now to be forever released and
all to be held and made for inner peace


In sweet ritual dip into cleansing waters
reflecting light from the altar’s radiant fire
Send love to self and all our Spirit sisters, brothers, sons & daughters
Imagine in all we together may require


Breathe deep and Earth your body anew
filled with power that is your heart-true
Time now to choose what you will enact
Time to fuel your Self & Spirit pact


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you deep release, great resolve, and wondrous self-care this Moon



IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Goddess Yemaya: sculpture found on ebay | sky background: from Universe Today