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Moon dark-new in Leo + Solar Eclipse

21 Aug 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170821_COMP2-merge-CROP_x385‘Tis Moon Dark-New  (exact @1130 PDT)
in Leo  (moving to Virgo soon)
+ Solar Eclipse


deep release, radiant rebirth


The skies deliver signs we are entering a potent portal to shifts, changes and transformation that will unveil and evolve over the next 6 months to >2 years. It is Moon dark-new (bookending the eclipse season and the last new Moon also in Leo);
the beginning of a double Phoenix month (Fire and Earth, with another double Phoenix month beginning next Moon dark-new);
and a rare total solar eclipse also occurs this day (journeying on a path which it has not traced in ~1500 years).


The energies powerfully urge and support both releasing what no longer serves; and activating a newly radiant, transformative rebirth. This is a time to look deep into what ever we may have eclipsed in ourselves, and to harvest self-knowledge from the fears and doubts that are to be cast out. A time to draw on our resources; ramp up creativity, ingenuity and playfulness; and move ever more fully into the soul-fully expressed, radiant Beings we are born to Be.


The solar eclipse, like a (mega-ramped) Moon dark-new, provides the opportunity for a ‘reset’ through the passage of dark into the Light. A potent time for exploring new ideas and directions, and for setting new intentions arising out of a marriage of opposites. Occurring in Leo, the eclipse calls us to reveal the best of who we are.


We continue to be emboldened by regal and noble Leo (Moon, Sun, Mars) who brings the gifts and grace of big heartedness, courage, confidence, strength, passion, and an assertion of the power of the feminine (courage, confidence & action is further strengthened by Mars trine Saturn; and feminine energy further empowered by royal Regulus conjunct Sun & Moon). Moon and Sun move from Leo into Virgo soon (Moon @1325 today; Sun @1520 tomorrow) helping us to earth root and nourish new starseeds we have chosen to grow. Bear (Virgo animal totem) helps us to set and hold our boundaries; reminds us of the power found within (and the power of the unconscious that the eclipse amplified); and carries forward Lion’s themes of patience, strength, and nobility.


Allow yourself to be surrounded by the energies of the times. Let all that is great and good and purr-fectly aligned to settle within (all the retrograde planets provide the time ;)). Be mindful of body, mind, heart and soul, and let them both whisper and roar their guidance. Be playful and intent, joy-filled by the power and purpose of your radiant heart.


Look to where you may have self-eclipsed
Invite new Light to reveal new scripts


Invite healing to come within
ensoul the sacred feminine


Listen to the brilliant oracle
realize your self as a unique miracle


Release what you no longer need
make space for radiant new seeds


Embrace inner wisdom and the divine
at this potent portal now is the time
for you, Earth & Cosmos to rebirth and realign


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May this portal activate great love, and
renew the radiant best in each and All









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Mary: cut & modified image of painting by Sassoferrato | Lion & Bear: cut from image by Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary | Background sky: modified image found on PureWow Travel & on YouTube by Kai Parviainen |