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Mabon – Fall Equinox

22 Sep 2013, by Fiona in moon&sky, turnings

Bed_placeToDream_soilSisterSanJoaquin_50Blessings and Dreams Dear Ones,

Today in the Northern Hemisphere it is Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, occurring at the edge of the Harvest Full Moon. In the prior days of waxing to full, the fullness, and these 3+ days of the strength of this Moon, I imagine you have been honoring and celebrating the blessings, harvests, and the journeys along your path.

In the Southern Hemisphere, it is Spring Equinox, Ostara. Our Sistars across the wheel, feel the energies for the planting of seeds, the delight in first emergence,  and the signals of dreams to come to fruition in the coming cycles.

Together we sit at the Equinox (1:44pm Pacific), a point of balance of Light and Dark. In the South the turning brings an increase of Light. Here, in the North, the turning is into the season of the Dark. The hemispheres are reflections on the wheel, the Yin and Yang of energies and movements and place.

As I sit at this time in the North and celebrate the harvest, I also reflect on what grew well; what may need more space; what needs to be transplanted; what needs more careful tending; what I will plant again and what I will no longer plant.

In the next days as the moon wanes and the dark begins to deepen, I will be making ways for the coming year. I will be picking the last blooms of the season; clearing the vines that have delivered their bounty; trimming back that which needs trimming to ensure a concentration of energies to come; composting that which will feed again. The soil will be turned, the mulch laid to blanket the roots, the worms, and the cases of ladybug and butterfly.

This is the season time for making the Bed of Dreams.

Remember that time before you were born in this world, before you were even seeded in the womb of your mother? That time before even the first spark of seed was created?  Remember…

That is the coming time here in the Northern hemisphere as we move into the dark of the wheel. Yes, this Harvest Moon and Equinox we celebrate the Harvest. And with the turning of the wheel, comes now the time for returning those things that have been expended, back to the earth to recycle, or into the winds to be scattered.  Time to lay on protective mulch to protect the beds that will seed new life and new joys in the future.

As the wheel turns, now both Moon and Sun waning, we honor our Blessings and prepare for the Dreamings. Beautiful beds make for beauty-full dreams.

Consider, in what kind of bed do you want to dream your dreams? What do you want your bed of dreams to look like?  What spark do you want to mark the return of Light at Winter Solstice?What seeds to you want to create and empower for planting in spring?  What do you want to see unfurl? What dreams do you want to mana-fest?  Delve into this wondering…

This is the imagining and preparing time. For preparing the future manifesting of the New Dream. It is time for nourishing the dream imagined. For making the Bed in which the Dream will be planted.  Dreams are what Life is made of, and beautiful dreams make beautiful lives.

Go deep child of Wonder, and deeper still. Feed the land in which the dream will root in the next turning of the spiral. Prepare your bed for dreaming into being the Sweetness and Joy of your next Dance in the Spiral.

Nurture your Nature,
Much Love and Light,

PS More image -story is in preparation can be found at http://4sustainability.com/Sacred/Mabon_2013.html