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Lunar Balance

23 Mar 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings again Dear Ones!


Three days ago was Equinox, a point balance of between light and dark in the solar cycle. Whether north or south, these are times of celebration. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we delight in the increasing light of the sun and beginning seeding a sprouting; in the south, it is time to harvest fruits of the land just as Moon time calls for harvest of Luna’s cycle.



A week ago we celebrated the illuminations of the Full Moon. Now it is Last Quarter Moon, lunar balance of light and dark. Solar cycle ‘waxing’, Lunar cycle waning. Another kind of ‘balance.’ Another reminder to find balance within.


Under the half lit waning Moon it is time to mark our completions and begin emptying. Time to review and reflect on what is needed to deepen and further to integrate what has been uncovered under the Light. Time to step away from regular routines in order to consider new dreams.


It is both a time for trimming, weeding and releasing; and a time to begin thinking of what you want to plant in the next cycle. Remember, releasing clears the space for future possibilities. Connect with your inner guides and listen to your heart calls. Move gently in to the spaces between.


And as always,
Nurture your Nature
With Love and Light

Next Moon cycle begins March 31st. Come join us for a Walk with the Moon.