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WisdomWild: Lizard presence

30 Mar 2014, by Fiona in creatures

WisdomWild: Lizard presence (presents)

Lizard_garden lizard by williamcho at flickr
Lizard has appeared a number of times in different ways these last few days. I am so grateful for the wisdoms inherent and synchronous. In many traditions Lizard is associated with the dream time (great timing eh?).


She holds the wisdom of subtle perception, something that calls for quietness and stillness. A teacher of how to bridge dreaming and waking. Lizard also knows about detachment, an important skill much needed at times.


Share with us your wisdom of subtle perception
that we may sense what could be missed
and detach when it is time.
May we feel the vibrations of Earth as you do
calling up the deep and ancient visions
and empower, trust and act on this inner knowing.

Teach us so that we may, always,
Nurture our Nature
With love