Wisdom Wild | Leo Full Moon + Imbolc


Leo Full Moon + Imbolc

03 Feb 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky


150203_comp1_x385Greetings of Leo Full Moon (exact @1509pst)
and Solar Midpoint (exact @ 1945 pst)!


Big-hearted Leo in fullness shines brightly. Let it light your wisdom and your far-seeing eyes.
The Moon is next to Jupiter (conjunct) so everything will seem bigger too. Feminine wisdom is highlighted (Venus conjunct Neptune) and so is healing (Moon trine Uranus). Mercury is still retrograde for while yet so take advantage of this time to pause, focus, nourish, and hone.


This Leo full Moon calls us to step in our own fullness and to radiate our Light with courage. Jupiter urges us to believe in ourselves. Things are stirring. Find and engage the magic in each moment.


Leo also reminds us to attend to the Heart, and so too does this time halfway between solstice and equinox (1945pst). Here in the north it is Imbolc; a time of the quickening in the land. A time to attend to the heart fire.


150203_imbolcFire_x300Connect to the earth stirring beneath your feet
Feel your essence rising up like sap in the trees
Watch for signs of early spring in the song of your heart
Emerge gently and slowly unfurl


Tend to your heart fire
Gather the warm around you and glow in the Light
Find the ember burning bright with mystery and possibility
Feed the fire with strength and wisdom and courage
Nurture the new life awakening.


Yes wondrous ones, nourish and


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light