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Leo Dark Moon

26 Jul 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Lion_sunFace_CROPx385mirrorGreetings of the Moon dark (exact at 1542 pdt) and Beginning Radiant Leo time.


And what a sweet Moon it is.


Sun, Moon and expansive Jupiter all in Leo. Jupiter conjuncts the new Moon.

Saturn has gone direct so now things start flowing more smoothly, moving out of the last 4 retrograde months where things moved slowly or seemed to stand still.

Also, (as of yesterday) Mars has finally left Libra and re-enters its home sign of Scorpio. Released! Systems Go! Yippee!

AND there’s a grand water trine of Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces and added compassion and understanding from Venus and Mars trine Neptune.


What an inspired and optimistic beginning to the this new cycle! Fire, creation, expansion. Key word: Radiance!


As we sit here in Moon dark it is the moment when all things are possible.


Here it has been raining these past few days as if Nature hirself is preparing for Moon dark. Rains cleansing the air, nourishing the soils, drumming on roof and deck and canvas. Skies releasing, rains drumming, waters soaking in. A calling for us to do the same.





It is time to rest in the stillness of the dark.

Time to breathe in the empty fullness of the void.

A place of stillness and possibility.

A place for listening and opening to receive.

Time to drift gently in to the expansiveness.

Time to invite the light to radiate within and around you/us.



hummingbird3_ruby-throatedTime also to think of Hummingbirds (they have been frequent visitors recently). They are bringers of Joy. Now Leo comes with playfulness and courage, and radiance. Jupiter brings expansiveness. Invite in their messages.

Look inside a raindrop for the visions there held.

Seek the sparkles in the sky.

What will be lit up as the Moon grows this cycle?



It is time now to wonder. To breathe in the vastness of the dark and notice what comes forth from therein. A sparkling star. A soft refrain. An effervescent touch. A golden scent. A taste of love and magic.


All within you: the wonder, the sparkling, the heart drum, the effervescent coursing of nerve fluids, the gold, the love, the magic.


Rest in this cosmic Earth truth of you. Open to this natural Being of you and receive hir messages and invitations. Wonder at the possibilities and which of these you will choose in the coming days to seed and nourish and bring forth this cycle.


Rest in the wonder and magic of Moon dark. And, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light