Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-lit in Virgo


Waning Moon Half-lit in Virgo

07 Dec 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @1636 PST) in Virgo


… reflect, release, re-source, enjoy… 


At waning Moon half-lit it’s time to pause. Now at a point halfway between two eclipses, we are urged to attend deeply to balance. We are in the midst of change and this is a poignant moment to pause between. It is a time to review, reflect, sift, integrate, re-orient and, most importantly, to completely release anything that limits or inhibits peace, freedom, joy and wholly Being.


Virgo Moon calls us to be in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of Nature; and brings ancient wisdom to empower deep heart seeing and innate knowing. Earthy Virgo invites us to find ground by being here and now, making order, and attending to practical matters. Firey Sagittarius Sun dances with spirit and infuses us with optimistic, enthusiastic visions of the future. Together they bring flexibility and adaptability (mutable signs); and help to open hearts and minds. It’s time to balance attention to both grounded nurture in the present, and far-sighted dreaming of the future.


The energy of Earth and Fire, feminine and masculine, are generally balanced throughout the waning time (currently 5 Earth, 4 Fire but will shift to 4 & 4 beginning tomorrow) which will be helpful in the coming week. New energies are emerging but this week may feel a bit hazy, foggy or confusing at times (Sun-Nep SQ Wed; Merc-Nep SQ Sunday). We are advised to stay connected with what matters; and tune to the most positive, Light-filled rhythms.


Heads Up! Next week the 13th Moon cycle begins and there will be a solar eclipse on the same day as Moon dark-new. Moon-dark and eclipse together bring rebirth and a new dawning. A week later, at waxing Moon half-lit, it is Solstice; time to celebrate the Light anew. On the same day, the long awaited grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs (both Jup & Sat in Aqua by then). This event, and all that has occurred in past years preparing us for it, is said to herald new beginnings in the socio-political world (new 20year cycle); and in the evolution of humanity (new 200 year cycle). … Yes, there’s are a lot of shifts and new beginnings from new Moon through to the new year (in addition to Moon shifts, 8 planets shift during the 13th Moon).


Now is the time for an abundance of nourishing self-care. Time to sift, sort, and deeply release to clear the ways. Time to connect with inner wisdom, Spirit, and all that truly matters. Time to feel into the ancient, earthy wisdom and grace of Virgo/Gaia/Pachamama; and into the optimistic and joyful energy of Sag. Time to re-source, strengthen and renew. Time to dream, to wonder, and to vision in new ways of Being. Time to enter the deepening dark and tune to the Light within.


Waning Moon calls us to release, let go
Time to pause, realign, balance and slow


Relax into the feminine deep
Renew you and all within your keep


Nourish the wisdom in your hands
Let Spirit rise and Joy expand


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you ease,
deep nurture,
& joyful dreaming this Moon




PLEASE NOTE: In response to the call of the deepening dark here in the North,
I will be taking a break from preparing wisdom messages
from now until Moon first dark-new of 2021 (Jan12)
Although the wWe-zine will be quiet I will be thinking of your
and sending much Love & Light to All
May all be safe and well :)














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Main ImageGoddess Ceres: cut & modified bust from Marble Art