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LastQ & Solstice Soon

19 Jun 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky



P1030703_CROPx385wTxtHere we are at Last quarter Moon (exact at 1139 pdt). The half lit waning moon calls us again for balance.


Create time to pause, breathe, find balance at center. Fuel faith and trust in your Heart-truth.


Yes, I know it may be challenging. Lots of energy and movement through to the full moon, and then gathering, sorting and organizing all that has been gained and gleaned from the cycle. Sometimes so much that it may feel a bit ‘whelming, perhaps a bit confusing. There may also be a feeling of pressure, of a need to rush, as we move to the high light midpoint of the solar year.


And yes, there’s still a lot in the air (Gemini), probably lots in the mind, and lots of particular kinds of energies about ((Moon squares sun and Mercury today; Moon opposite Mars, conjuncts Uranus and square Pluto tomorrow; Mars now direct opposing Uranus for it’s 3rd pass in past 6 mos; Mercury retrograde; Saturday is Solstice and the Sun moves into Cancer. )


Take a breathe.


Let go of all the doings, must dos, not sure what to dos, and full mind. Release anything that is an irritant or just plain no longer serves. Trim away and weed out what is no longer needed.


It’s time to pause. Feel in to center. Rest in the ‘between’, half light, half dark. It is the beginning of the ending of the cycle. We move again into the more feminine energy of the waning moon. Time to allow a slowing and a moving within.


Let that which is to be released drift away or be put out for composting. Reflect on the fruit that has been harvested. Feel the blessings.


Sink into the rich soils of you and feel the warm embrace of foundation. Breathe magic into the soil that will fuel new seeds now slowly, invisibly forming, in preparation for the next cycle.


Breathe. Pause. Move inward into the warm heart of you. Embrace and honor the All of you.


And, as always,
Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild
with Love & Light

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