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LastQ Moon in Aquarius

30 Apr 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160429_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Greetings of the waning
half-lit Moon
(exact 160428 @ 2029 pdt)

in Aquarius.

… Go slow and go within


Moon half-lit calls us to pause in the now moment, between what was and what may be, and find new balance. Moon in Aquarius invites us to attend to freedom, and to open to new perceptions and ways of doing and being.


Venus is now in Taurus (as of yesterday, Apr29 @1635pdt). Taurus values the practical present and earthy five-sensing. From these, Taurus strengthens our ability to ground. Venus brings beauty, love and trust into form. Together they invite us to be deliberate in honoring and expressing beauty. Such actions help us find our ground in any now moment. A recommended daily practice, especially in these retrograde times.


We now have five planets moving ‘backwards’ (3 in Earth signs, 2 in Fire). They too call us to live in the presence of the moment. Since retrograde energy moves more slowly, we may find ourselves attending to the now moment more easily or often (with intent or by accident). Yes, there may be stalls and delays, especially since Mercury just moved retrograde (April 28 at 1020pdt), but these in themselves may be seen as a means to call us into the present moment; to ground, and to rebalance. (*For more on this, see personal message below.)


With all the retrograde energy about, we have the opportunity to step back to reflect, remember, review, reconnect, refresh and a number of other ‘re’- endeavours. The focus is more internal than external. This step-back, move inward retreat, is the call of Moon’s deepening dark. It is time to connect with natural rhythms and nourish the wisdom held within.


Let go, let go
Move slow, move slow
Deepen ease and gentle flow


Reflect, remember
and be oh so tender
with self and other and all things wild
look after Self as a dear sweet child


Seek beauty in each and every soul
each person, creature, tree and rock
and in each and every place
enter deep into beauty’s sacred space


With hands on heart, breaths deep and slow
let inner knowing slowly unfurl


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light




Personal Message: Retrograde Tests & Trials


Over the last two days — since Mercury joined four other planets in retrograde — I have experienced a series of tests and trials, stalls and delays. First the incoming requests to change appointments and meetings (by an hour, a day, or weeks), with domino effects on other plans. Time to reflect, re-jig, and rebalance in order to move on again. Then the phones, internet and computer all ‘shorted out’ within minutes of each other. .. And the dog peed on the keyboard. Just kidding; I don’t have a dog. LOL.


Message received! Merc-R may play havoc with some things but the retrograde energies will find a way to get the message through:


Have patience. Go slow, go within, let go the status quo. If things get bumpy or shifts bring some discomfort, put your hands on your heart, take three deep breaths, and flow into the peace within. Rest and nourish self with gentleness and wisdom in the deepening dark.


May you be nourished by peace and beauty in the deepening dark!






IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Aquarius Woman: modified & colorized from a tattoo at Zodiac Tattoo |  Sky background: adapted from wall paper from pageResource |

  • TavaMa Ioanna Reply

    Thank you Fiona for your posts regarding Moon and Mercury retrograde. I read them from Red Madonna from Caron post, Thank you for your wisdom and sharing your insides with the world. Many blessings TavaMa Ioanna