Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-lit in Leo (Virgo soon)


Waning Moon Half-lit in Leo (Virgo soon)

19 Nov 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact@ 1311 PST) in Leo (& in Virgo soon)


… release, realign, rejuvenate…


At waning Moon half-lit it is time to sift, sort, and review all that has occurred this cycle. Time to release what is no longer needed, and gather up all that we wish to honour and retain. Time to attend to balance, reorient, and realign. Time to prepare to rest and rejuvenate in the feminine deep.


We are still in the warm embrace of Leo and are well-advised to enjoy and remember hir rumbling purrs and the feline keys to contentment. In a few hours Moon will move into Virgo (at 1754 pst). Virgo helps us to focus on practical tasks, find order, and attend to details along the way. In all we do, she calls us to be in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of Nature. Great preparation for entering the deepening dark.


Otherwise there’s a mix of energies about. We can expect emotions to be more intense especially regarding matters of power and control (Mars now in Scorpio). We may feel a bit of shaking going on at our roots (Jupiter-Galactic Centre) particularly as the dismantling of systems, structures and constructs continues (Saturn-Pluto ongoing).


On the upside, communications will begin to get easier and clearer (Merc Direct tomorrow); we will likely feel more courageous and playful in dealing with complexity and facing fear (Mars in Scorpio); we’ll have more opportunities to deepen trust in our intuition and personal truth; and there’s uplifting happy-making energy incoming (Moon trine Venus & Jupiter + Sun in Sag soon). Whew! ;)


When all has been sifted and sorted, it is time to let go and move into flow. Time to surrender the need to know and sense into emotional rightness. Time to connect with inner wisdom and Spirit. Time to open our hearts and feel into the presence of this moment. Time to rest and renew in the deepening dark.


Pause in the moment of light-dark between
Reflect on all you’ve heard and all you’ve seen


Release any sorrows or fears that came
Honour and cherish all the learning gained


Enjoy Fire’s warmth and Leo’s purrs
Be nourished by Earth and all that’s Hers


Step into the feminine deep and realign
with Nature’s elements, Spirit and the divine


Now it’s time to rest and renew
Time to honour the All of you


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you be deeply nourished and renewed this Moon









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