Wisdom Wild | LastQ in Capricorn + Equinox


LastQ in Capricorn + Equinox

20 Mar 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Last Quarter Moon
(exact @ 0858 PDT)

in Capricorn


+ Equinox & Sun in Aries
(both exact @ 0329 PDT)


self-nourishing renewal


Sun is now in Aries – Happy Astrological New Year! ;) All the love gathered under Pisces Sun now flows out for spiritual rebirth in Aries. Fire is abundant (5 planets in fire signs, 4 in Aries). Let the fires fuel your inner Light and the radiance of your heart!


The moment Sun moves into Aries marks the Equinox when light and dark are balanced for a harmonious moment. Equinox signals the change of seasons (though perhaps you’ve been feeling it coming already). Time to reflect on all the nourishment received this past cycle, and all the freedom gained from release and surrender. Weave abundance and freedom together as the new season comes into being.


Moon is also in the moment of equal light and dark (just a few hours later). In earthy Capricorn she empowers us to obtain what we need; and increases awareness of the structures, discipline and practical matters helpful in so doing. By now, at waning Moon half-lit, most things activated since Moon dark have been organized, ordered and wrapped up or put on pause in preparation for the deepening time. Whatever is still left to prepare is supported by Moon and Sun. It is time for renewal!


Feel into the Earth of you
now warmed by the sun


Feel into your radiance
and all you have done


Head, heart, hands and Spirit
time now to tend to you


‘Tis time to self-nourish
Time now to be renewed


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you be warmed by the fires and well-held by Earth
as you newly and deeply renew this Moon 






IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Capricorn: cut & modified from image found on OmTimes | Background sun/sea: from wallpaper.