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LastQ in Aquarius

18 May 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170518_COMP1-merge2-CROP_x385Welcome Waning Moon  Half-lit  (exact @1733 PDT)
in Aquarius

& in Pisces soon  (exact @2052 PDT)


nourish balance & harmony


There’s been a lot of chaos and disorder about and it is time to create pause at this Moon. Now energies support releasing, and there is more ease and more flow.


Balance and harmony are the call of this waning time. Moon is half lit and elementals are pretty balanced. Other stabilizing energies summon harmony (Saturn-Uranus trine exact tomorrow – 2nd of 3) and help us to ground (Mercury in Taurus May16-Jun6). How purrfect for this waning Moon.


Breathe freshly into pause
and let that breath be deep


Release into all the aahhs
of all the beauty you keep


Time to laugh & rest & nourish
you and all you wish to flourish


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



Wishing you the breathfulness of release,
sweet rest and the rapture of you
this waning Moon






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Main Image: Golden Aquarius: late 19th C sculpture by Suzanne Bizard |