Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-lit in Gemini


Waning Moon Half-lit in Gemini

21 Sep 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @ 1941 PDT) in Gemini & in Cancer soon (2150 PDT)


… balance, health, well-being


There’s some shifting going on, and energy is somewhat mercurial (both Virgo & Gemini are ruled by Mercury); as such it is important to go slow. Waning Moon also encourages us to slow; now half-lit she calls us to pause and find new balance. That call is reinforced, strengthened and extended over the next few days (Equinox just two days away). Time to pause in the moment ‘between’. Time to shed what no longer serves; ground new truths; and prepare to enter the Feminine deep.


Many of us have found our ideals, trust and faith significantly tested this year (Jup-Nep squares), and increasingly so since the last, last quarter Moon (which was also in Gemini). It is said that this ‘testing’ was to make very clear just how important it is to be very discerning (fact/fantasy, truth/illusion); and to acknowledge and resolve discrepancies between hope and reality. For many/most, very challenging ‘up-leveling’ times.


Although things are still not tranquil (e.g. Merc/Saturn, Venus/Saturn, Jupiter/Neptune T-squares), there are some aspects and shifts that may make things feel at least a little lighter and clearer soon. Earthy energy continues to provide ground and nourishment (5 planets in Earth signs); we have more space to breathe and a greater feeling of balance (3 planets in Air, 2 of them in Libra + Sun soon); and things will likely feel less muddled (the last – 3rd of 3- Jup-Nep squares. Yay! & Whew!). It is also expected that life will feel less restrictive and we will feel more empowered to act on our learnings (Saturn now direct).


Just a couple of hours after half-Moon exact, Moon will shift into sensitive Cancer, her home base and where she is most powerful. Cancer Moon brings kindness, gentleness, love, warmth and nurturing energy. She calls us to tune to our moods and feelings, and to the ocean of inner wisdom and Spirit knowing. She invites us to come fully home to ourselves. It is time to tend our nests (body and home) with great Love and caring. Time to move more fully into the nurture of the feminine deep.


At waning Moon half-lit, let go and release
Enter into the realms of balance and ease


Gather the warmth of golden Light
Rose and lavender scent the night


Time now to tend the heart and nest
Time to nourish peace and take rest


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you sweet release and
wondrous nourishment & rejuvenation this Moon



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