Wisdom Wild | Waning Moon Half-lit in Aquarius


Waning Moon Half-lit in Aquarius

26 Apr 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Welcome Waning Moon Half-lit (exact @ 1518 PDT) in Aquarius


… release, rest, rejuvenate  


Waning Moon calls us to pause, review, release, and clear away (or put aside for now at least) all that restricts or limits freedom, peace and overall well-being. It is time to enter the feminine deep and prepare for Moon-new to come.


Moon in Aquarius breaks old paradigms; shifts expectations; encourages us to drop our fears; and activates searing insight, creativity and visionary capacities. She invites us to expect the unexpected and to be ready for anything ;) Sun in Taurus earths us with comfort, security and stability. Together Sun and Moon nourish our need be grounded (Taurus) and to expand intellectually and socially (Aqua); they help us to both stand firm, and to fly wild and free.


As is often the case, other alignments provide both gift and challenge. We are supported in slowing (Pluto-R 2 days ago & Saturn-R tomorrow) and incorporating more systems and structures that nurture stability, security and long term goals (Saturn/Cap). We are called to find the light in the darkness, deepen Spirit connection, evolve our consciousness, and transform (Pluto-R). It is a time for deep clearing and re-integration. A time to rest and rejuvenate. A time to align with all that shines.


Sun and waning Moon together dance
Aquarius offers up new chance


Cleanse, re-integrate, root and align
with all that signals divine design


Nourish all that is wild and free
Embrace the Spirit that you Be


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you sweet release,
deep self-Love and
profound nourishment
this Moon








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