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Last Quarter Pause

22 Feb 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings to you this Last Quarter Moon!IMG_MoonWane_P1020636


I wonder how things are with you this last quarter Moon, appearing half lit,  and light waning.


I hesitate to talk about the weather given the variations and range of extremes across the land, but the weather story here has reflected themes common to the time of Full to last quarter Moon (0915 pst today) so it seems fitting to tell.


Grey days, low clouds creating felt pressure, tension. Rain falling is like a breath of releasing. Some mornings are orange-fuscia  moments of brightness and hopeful promise, and then  clouds come in again. Later perhaps sunshine breaks through, for a moment, for more moments, and maybe there’s a mostly blue-sky day. Unexpectedly, like  today, snow falls and paints white lines on rails, blankets rooftops, and softly dusts the just emerging crocus and primulas with surprise. The land itself is warm and cold, bright and dark. Snowfall colors one part of roadway white, another part a gleaming wet black, without apparent reason or logic. It sticks, it doesn’t.


The time between Full and LastQ, especially at this time of year, can be much like this weather story.  I expect that many of us like new beginnings,  seeing things grow, and the fullness of the light. Spring-summer-bright time. And our society, our culture likes such things so much it calls for more new, more striving,  more action and growth and building and doing, and we too can be driven to be always spring-summer.


In Natural Rhythms, and for well-being, however, after the full moon/‘summer’ comes LastQuarter/ ‘fall’. The days are not quite as bright; plant growth wanes;  flowers recede; fruit has ripened. Though there was  much to harvest, it is not now time to push or begin new. It is time now to slow and move inward.


The LastQ moon, light and dark reflected equally on hir face, is the midpoint of the Moon waning time. It marks another transitional time, a time calling for shift and change. A balance point followed by new direction. Though Moon still lights the sky, hir light grows weaker and shadow grows stronger. We enter the time of increasing dark, the deeper and deeper feminine, powerful and subtle.


Now is the time to release, let go, shed, simplify. Let the autumn leaves fall, and the thought-leaves that no longer serve drift away. Cleanse whatever doesn’t align with the truth of who you are or are becoming.


It is Time to enjoy and honor Pause.

Time to rest, recuperate, refresh, and rejuvenate.

Time to be present in the moment and find yourself in quiet stillness.

It is time to go deliciously inward.

It is time to reconnect deeply with the core essence of ourselves.

Time to be nourished and make space for the future that beckons and for the new cycle ahead.

Yes, Step in and align with Natural Rhythms of the Earth and Sky and you. Time to


Nurture your Nature.  .
with Love & Light