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Last Quarter Moon

15 Sep 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

140915_compile2Greetings of the last quarter Moon (exact at 1905 pdt)


The Moon entered Gemini yesterday and is there until tomorrow. (Here, for whatever reason, fish are jumping hence the fish ‘twins’).


Look to the skies and see the moon of light and dark in equal measure. Balance.


It is time now to follow-up and complete what was initiated this cycle; to weed out and let go of what is no longer needed; and to begin releasing.


It is time to clear space for the next cycle.


See Venus now in Virgo providing us with beautifully grounded energy, bringing us to earth and to the present moment. Mars having moved into adventurous Sagitarrius provides more room to explore. Jupiter (ruler of Sag and now in Leo) now gives a boost to courage and confidence. These are among the supportive and assertive energies that will be with us in the next weeks. You may feel them pulling you in but…


Now, during the time of the waning Moon, it is time to move again for self care and self-nourishing.


Time to honor the feminine, and to visit again and more deeply reside within inner wisdom.


This is the time for preparation.


Time for readying oneself for new wonders, new dreams and new claims that you may wish to express in the new cycles (lunar and solar-equinox) soon to come.


Enter into the dark of the moon
warmed by the light and fire of the Heart Truth of you,
immersed in the depths of the beauty and grace and wonder of your inner wisdom.


And, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light



Initiate and empower your dreams and intentions
for the next lunar cycle and the next solar quarter
Feel in to the Natural Rhythms
Come Walk with The Moon