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Last Q Taurus Moon

06 Aug 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150806_COMP3-mergeED_x385Welcome Waning Moon in Taurus,
Light and Dark in equal measure (exact at 1903 pdt).


Tonight the half-lit waning Moon is in sensual, practical and earthy Taurus. Soon there will be more earth energy available to us with Mercury & Jupiter moving into Virgo in the coming days (Aug 7th & 11th respectively). Mars joins Sun in Leo on Saturday (much happier in fire than watery Cancer) which can provide both some sense of release and some power for burning things up. What wonderful supports for this waning time.


Half-lit, Moon calls us to pause and attend to balance. Taurus Moon calls us to peace and comfort. It is time under the waning Moon to gather up and put-aside projects that were begun.


It is time now to release what has been done.
Time to slow down, relax, and let things Be.
Time to watch the ripples on the pond and the waves in the sea.
Time to scent the season, earth, flower, and air.
Time to rejuvenate and re-source
Time to nurture self-care.


Time to find the now moment
between what has been and what is to be
and shift gently into the deepening dark
Time to be nourished by the wisdom within –
your ever-present knowing and mystery.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you warm and gentle rest in the grace-filled deep


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IMAGE NOTES re: external sources: stars background: layered 2 images from pinterest, University of Texas. | Bull skull cut solarized and colorized from photo on Pinterest | Single goose cut and adapted from photo on Wikipedia |