Wisdom Wild | Last Q Moon – between eclipses


Last Q Moon – between eclipses

15 Oct 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

141015_P1040413_edCROPx385wTXTGreetings of the Last Quarter Moon (exact at 1212 pdt)


Here the rains are pouring down unrelenting. Tapping on leaves, drumming on the roof, cascading down rock face, gathering in puddles that overflow abundantly into the sea.


Release, release, release,” Rain calls to me here in the North under a waning sun and Moon. I  breathe in the refresh.


Last night and in the early hours of morning, Moon shone softly through the water veil. I was surprised to see hir glow in the sky but ah, so it is in this season.


The half-lit Moon now waning calls us again to attend to balance and prepare for the deepening. It is time to pause and make space to release both whatever is no longer needed, and all thought of what has been. It is time to flow inward.


As we sit under this half light, half dark moon, we sit also between two eclipses – the full lunar eclipse of the Full Moon last week, and the partial solar eclipse to come at the new.


Prepare for the deepening, for the imagining, for the dreaming. Warm yourself by your heart-fire and look within.
What dances in the flames?
What glows in the orange, gold, white of the coals?
Where is it that you stand in the radiant being of you?



 I stand, root fibres reaching down
to encircle and immerse
in the golden molten core of Mother Earth.

 I drink up this elixir into my body-being,
through all the organs, tissues, veins, nerves and cells
deep into the bones where Herstoric wisdom dwells.

Rainbow chakras vibrate and beam,
receiving and sending gifts and givings
as the nectar rises
to caress seat and ignite womb,
empower weaving,
and fill heart with warmth and glow.
Toning next the throat and reflective brow,
following sweet lavender scents to and through my crown.

I merge into the heavens.
to greet the Moon, white shining sphere,
and on wings I mingle with the stars.
I dance in the milky way and with galaxies,
and shed my skin again, again, again.

Returning now to integrate and form,
golden nectar and sparkling effervescence,
descending white silver cord entwined with rising gold,
I spiral back to earthen core,
connecting, connected,

We just Be.


Deepen into the All that you Be. It is time to just Be. Yes,

Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light