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Holly Magick-all

14 Dec 2013, by Fiona in turnings

IMG_13Solstice8-2_hollyFaeriesx385A little bit of Holly Magick.  

Let me introduce you to the first guest gracing this Solstice Season. She is a  Holly Faerie and dances now among the huckleberry & holly branches of my chandelier. (Holly Faerie in mini-sculptural form was gifted to me some time ago and is usually the first through the door this time of year.)

 O I am green in Winter-time when other trees are brown

 Of all the trees (so says the rhyme) Holly wears the crown.

 (I expect hir song and appearance will make you grin.

And just so you know, s/he’s a Ze, i.e., gender irrelevant to the brim)

Holly was once held sacred by the peoples of ancient Europe (still is by some ;)).  Known as one of the Seven Chieftain Trees of the Druids, “Holly” means “holy.” Holly protects Home and brings good luck.

So at this time of year especially I welcome Holly, green, red, and white with snow. I bring sprigs inside and lay leaves and berries outside around the house. I call in protections and goodness for my greater home, Gaia, as I walk the stone spiral pausing to call in and place sprigs to honor each of the directions: north, east, south, west, above, below, within (the center), and without (the beyond).

It is a simple thing. A ritual that for me connects, weaves and spirals through many dimensions and both  activates and engages head, heart and hands. It is a union of receiving and offering. In this, Spirit lives and is joy-full.

Holly greets you through this window. I hope you welcome hir in.

Nurture your Nature Dear Ones,

Much love,

Wisdom Wild,