Wisdom Wild | Half lit waxing Moon


Half lit waxing Moon

29 Nov 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings of the waxing half lit Moon!



The micro hover-jet zoom of hummingbirds alert me often these mornings and afternoons here in the palm desert. Small and green-grey feathered beings pause mid-air, and reappear in another spot of space as if vanishing between. They rest almost invisible among the same-green leaves of lemon and orange and grapefruit trees… but I find them. When I do, as if waiting for my finding moment, they flitter down to drink red nectar from the glass and copper feeder hung in the tree, and then vanish once again.


High overhead Hawk spirals in the sky, round and round, moving west, scanning the land.


As the day proceeds the Moon comes into view half lit. It is time to pause and reflect.


What sparks appearing at the Dark Moon have now formed roots of intention?
What needs to be cleared to make way for new growth?
What wishes and desires are seeking expression during this waxing Moon?
And how might all this be informed by the Messengers of this day?


Hummingbird the joy-bringer, visible and hidden, quick and still.
Hawk, far-seeing visionary, focussed, adaptable on the wing, the ways of letting go.
Both of beauty, alignment and flow.


As you reflect on intentions you have activated this cycle, and the ways you will choose to express your wishes and desires during this waxing Moon, consider how Hummingbird and Hawk wisdom may support your way-making. Invite them to help you..


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light,