Wisdom Wild | Half-lit waning moon


Half-lit waning moon

11 Feb 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150211_comp3x385Greetings of the Waning Moon Half Lit
(exact at 1950 pst in Scorpio)
and Mercury moves direct! (Finally. Whew!)


So, if your world has been anything like mine this past weeks, perhaps you too have had tech slow-downs, email glitches, communication bumps, phone weirdness, and just general, Sheesh! Rather slow forward-move making. Okay, okay, the ‘step back’ has been good, but really? Well, thankfully, Mercury stations and moves direct today! (Finally!)


This week Mars’ two year cycle also completes and is joined by Venus in the last degrees of Pisces. Just in time for Last Quarter Moon energy. Time to store the harvest, wrap up loose ends, and release the efforts of this Moon Cycle.


This is the time to release, release, release. Clear the space around you – the clutter of things that no longer serves. Focus on the beauty that is emerging in the land. Gaze into the hope-awakening snowdrops and the cheer of Crocus. Make space for Beauty it and breathe it deeply into your heart. Give this your attention in the coming days.


Change your pace. Step into the calm and rest that comes with the waning crescent Moon. Let yourself go deliciously inward and nourish Beauty and Grace within. Prepare your Heart ground for rebirth in the coming dark of the Moon.


Yes, the dreaming time is coming once again.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light