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Half Lit Libra Moon

24 Jun 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150624_comp1ed-,MERGE_x385wSIGGreetings of Libra Moon half lit (exact at 0403 pdt)


The call to balance is strong at this time. Just 3 days ago was Solstice, the day of longest light in the North and longest dark in the South: light & dark in equal measure. Today Moon is half-lit, light and dark in equal measure, and in Libra, the sign of balance.


It is time to pause in the center of our Being.
Time for connecting and for releasing.
Time to make transparent
all that helps us be grounded and in balance,
and all that hinders or throws us off.

Delve into the physical realm, into relations, into thoughts and feelings.


Right now two large, fiery planets, Sun and Mars, are moving through the waters of Cancer (and in the presence of lots more water energy that is about).


Wonder into the fires and the waters.
Feel into the flames, the mysts, the splashes and the flows.


Look into thoughts and feelings for their balance- influencing powers. Libra Moon helps us in this task by highlighting fairness, equity and compromise; and by grounding and centering the Gemini air energy from Moon dark. Our journey into feelings is supported by the emotional waters of Sun and Mars in Cancer (as of Solstice & today respectively); Saturn in Scorpio (as of Jun15); and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (as of Jun 11 and yesterday respectively).


Explore apparent opposites
for the insights and revelations each brings –


Rock and feather
Fire and water
Thought and feeling
Action and Stillness
Light and Dark
yin and yang –


and harmonize their complements in glorious moving tapestry

sparkling like the stars & sunlit waters
nourishing like the Earth.
Living in the center of your Being
dancing in tune to your heart beat.


Empower balance and so


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


150624_VidFeatherMeditative Treat: Balance a Feather.


How powerful the lightness of Being.


I invite you to spend some time with easeful breathe viewing a beautiful dance by Miyoko Shida Rigolo



Wishing you the delight of ‘complements’
and joyous balance!


IMAGE NOTES: background: Modified and colorized a galazy photo from Griffiths Observatory; Scales cut and modified from a court library photo by F.Juridicas; Siloutte cut & modified from pinterest photo; ribbon adapted & modified from clipart.