Wisdom Wild | Half lit and waxing Moon


Half lit and waxing Moon

05 Jul 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

P1030781_CROPx385wTXTGreetings to you wherever you may be under this 1st quarter Moon


This 7th moon of the year is a time to love all things.


It is time to become spacious and full of the wonder in all creations.


Time to unfold, to unfurl, to express, to give form and to nourish the seeds you have chosen for this cycle. Time to actualize new ideas and forms different from what was before.


And yes! Mercury has gone direct (July 1st) but it will be some days yet (~July 15) before we are completely free of the retro-effect. Dive in but also step back to take the longer, bigger, reflective view.


As you express under the waxing moon, this yang, active energetic time, heed also the message of this half lit moon. Light and dark in equal measure. Action, creation. And stillness, reflection. Balance.


Make for yourself a place of pause. Time and space to take a breathe, to connect within, and to reflect on what has come into being, and what you now are bringing more into view under the increasing light.


Make time also each day to nourish body, feed the mind, and express your soul for the all of you needs tending.


In this time of the waxing moon, hone for yourself a tenor of alertness and relaxation simultaneously.  Call in the wisdom of WildCat.


And, as always,


Nurture your Nature
Wisdom Wild
with Love & Light